Welcome to a world of unique products that we hope will inspire your imagination.We are offering a variety of water sculpted feature rocks, hand carved feature stones and some unusual rocks that defy categorization. All of our rocks have been sourced in China and chosen by us on the merits of their individual characteristics.

Add one of our rocks to an existing landscape as a focal point, incorporate it into a new design for someone who wants something “different” , or use it as that stand alone piece that says “Hey, look at me”. As you well know, the beauty of stone is enhanced when wet, so we see many of our pieces in a close relationship with water. Maybe as a container water feature displaying aquatic plants, or a free-standing fountain. Many of our rocks could be used as a pondless water feature with the water spilling over the edges.

Perhaps your looking for that spacial spill stone or extra large gurgler to deliver the headwaters of a waterfall. We think you will find it here. Maybe you will find something that you didn’t know you were looking for.  On that note, we would like to invite you to look through our galleries, enjoy!